Monday, May 14, 2007

Jamestown 400

It's Monday morning, May 14. America's big celebration is now history.
The Stonewall Brigade Band performed a 45 minute concert at 6 pm on
Saturday the 12th of May 2007 and did an outstanding job! It was a fun
and interesting trip for all 70 members who participated. A
thunderstorm came up at 5:20 pm so the entire bunch was crowded into a
dressing tent to tune up, and it was very hot in there--well up into the
80's with high humidity, so we tuned at A=442, which is where the first
clarinets were. When we got on stage it was about 75 degrees and pitch
was right on. There was a capacity audience at the beginning of our
performance. Some audience members left about 15 minutes before the end
of our program because the "main event" was beginning on another stage.
Now we turn to a performance this Saturday for the New Market battle
reenactment event and this coming Sunday for the graduation at Mary
Baldwin College. Three more rehearsals remain, including tonight, and
then our Summer series of Concerts in the Park begin. Look for our
concert schedule on the band web site later this week.

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