Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A book for Summer reading

For those days when you have time on your hands, but it's a rainy day
and you can't go outside, and you have already practiced on your
instrument, there's a book you might want to buy and read. The book
is "Note Grouping" by James Morgan Thurmond. This classic is now
available in paperback. I lost my hardcopy book a number of years ago
and just ordered the new paperback version from Amazon.com. Thurmond
started his career as a French Horn player in the Philadelphia
Orchestra, was the main person in establishing the Armed Forces School
of Music at Little Creek (starting it as the Navy school of music),
and finished up as a college professor. Along the way, about 30 years
ago, he conducted regional bands in this area and judged my high
school band on several occasions (and gave us a superior rating, by
the way.) The book explains WHY you accent the pickup note. It will
greatly help you in playing with expression. Happy reading!

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