Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wonderful Season

Over the past week a number of people, some who I know and others who I do not, have come up to me various places around town to comment on the Stonewall Brigade Band season. Comments were particularly favorable for our "Best of the Season" concert. One regular member of our audience came up to me at Jazz in the Park's last concert and commented that the band's "connection" to the audience was particularly good throughout the season. Other comments were that the band "sounded great" or was "wonderful." Congratulations and thanks to all the members who so faithfully came to perform each week and did a really great job.

Rehearsals start the last Monday in September with an emphasis for that rehearsal on our Oktoberfest performance the following Saturday. Starting with the first rehearsal in October (Mondays, 8-9:30 at the band room) we will be learning new pieces for next Summer's series and other performances. This is a change to our regular plan. We will be using our Spring rehearsals to polish those pieces and add them to those that are already in our repertoire.

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