Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Concert A Great Success

Thanks to everyone for a great Christmas Concert.  Besides receiving tons of applause after each number and a standing ovation at the end, we raised over $1,200 for ShenanArts youth programs.   We had 73 on stage for the concert.  

Thanks for a wonderful performance by the Stonewall Flutes of the Shenandoah and The Stonewall Brigade Band! 
Thanks to those who helped load and transport equipment and music to and from the band room. 
Thanks to board member Terri Corey for organizing the reception.   
Thanks to Christine and Austin for getting all the equipment ready to load and for doing maintenance on all the Saxhorns. 
Thanks to Dr. Scott Hippeard for dropping everything at the last minute to drive from Roanoke and fill in on tympani. 
Thanks to the people at Gypsy Hill House for their hospitality.
Thanks to ShenanArts for hosting our concert and for their help with staging, shuttles, and ushers.  Attend a show!
Thanks to Brent Hisey of "Now You're Cooking" for loaning us the chairs for the stage.   The white chairs along with the white
     Poinsettias gave real sparkle to our stage appearance.  If you need a great  caterer call Brent--540-886-5344.
Thanks to Jamie, Ray, and David for conducting on the concert.  You guys did a great job.  
Thanks to the Leader papers, the radio stations, churches, and ShenanArts for great publicity for the concert. 
Thanks to Greg and Holly Shrader for designing and printing the beautiful posters and programs. 
Thanks to Roger for suggesting we play "Baby It's Cold Outside."  It was a hit!
Thanks to everyone who did something to help that I didn't mention above.  

Our Winter/Spring rehearsals resume on Monday January 9.   Good time for new members to join up!

We have 12 concerts to prepare, plus the "best of" concert at the end of the season.  That means around 150 pieces to have ready by the first concert on June 3.   Strong rehearsal attendance is a must.  

Our next scheduled performance for the full band is the Mary Baldwin Graduation on May 19.  There may be other performances scheduled as the opportunity arises. 

Remember that our snow policy is that if evening classes at Blue Ridge Community College are canceled then band is canceled. If in doubt, call my cell phone 540-294-9791.  

Thanks to our members for all you do to keep the Stonewall Brigade Band the oldest-continuous among over 2,000 community bands in the nation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob Moody

p.s.  If you would like to be entertained in January, be sure to catch "12th Night at the Gateway" on Saturday night January 5th at 7:30 pm.  ($12 at the door, $10 in advance on valleymusicacademy.org).  This variety show, hosted by Richard Adams, will feature two of our SBB members, plus comedy, and musical acts from around the area.   Gateway is located on Main Street in Downtown Waynesboro.  www.waynetheater.org

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